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Why do I need to attend the clinic multiple times?

HealthPointe offers a number of clinical services. Our intake visit allows our doctors to determine which of these services would be best suited for your individual needs.

How long will my visit be?
  • Intake Visit | 30 to 60 minutes
  • Interdisciplinary Clinic Visit | 180 minutes
  • Electrodiagnostic Assessment | 60 minutes
  • Medication Management Clinic Visit | 30 to 60¬†minutes
  • Follow Up Visit | 15 to 30 minutes
What is the Interdisciplinary clinic?

The clinical visit involves an assessment by a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (Physiatrist), a certified athletic therapist and a medication management specialist.

What is an Electrodiagnostic Assessment?

Electrodiagnostic Assessment, also referred to as an EMG or Nerve Conduction Study, involves:

  • A clinical visit with a medical doctor who specializes in assessing nerves.
  • The doctor will perform a history and physical examination. Depending on what he/she finds on examination will determine the type of nerve tests to be performed.
  • Nerve conduction tests are small electrical shocks to a nerve in order to measure its health.
  • Needle EMG (Electromyography) uses a small acupuncture type needle that is connected to a computer. The needle is inserted into selective muscles and muscle activity is recorded by the computer. The muscle activity is reviewed to determine the health of both the muscles and nerves.
  • The assessment is uncomfortable but not overly painful.
How can HealthPointe help an individual with serious neck or back pain get back to normal more rapidly?
  • Two important elements for rehabilitation are access to the appropriate medical specialists and the attainment of an accurate diagnosis.
  • We have all the necessary medical specialists on staff at the same clinic location.
  • Our team of specialists undertake multiple, interdisciplinary assessments to determine the root cause of the pain. In consultation, they will prescribe the best treatment program and monitor the individual's progress.
  • Most treatment programs can be implemented through our staff on-site.
How long will it take to be seen by your medical staff?

Scheduling is determined based on the triage assessment. Once the referral is received your referral doctor will be contacted with an estimated wait time.

Do you only treat neck and back pain?
  • Our Physiatrists are skilled specialists who are trained in all aspects of general musculoskeletal health issues and rehabilitation.
  • Several of our Physiatrists also have advanced training in Sports Medicine Injuries and are team physicians for Edmonton's professional sports.
  • We provide specialized healthcare for the severely disabled.
What types of specialists are included on your healthcare team?

Our staff includes Musculoskeletal Specialists (Physiatrists), Medication Management Specialists, Neurologists, Radiology and Physical Therapy Specialists supported by Registered Nurses.

Once a diagnosis is achieved, can the treatment program be implemented elsewhere?

The treatment program may be completed elsewhere in the community where the needed facilities and health expertise is available. This is particularly important for clients who may live outside Edmonton.

What services are available to businesses or other professional organizations?
  • Annual or longer term service agreements are available that are specifically tailored to your unique organizational requirements. Agreements will take into consideration the nature of your business and probable frequency of service needs, number of employees, employee demographics and work-related risk factors in addition to other specific concerns you may have.
  • All healthcare contracts will provide rapid access to our full medical services for rapid, accurate diagnosis and implementation of the best treatment plan for expedited rehabilitation.
  • Education seminars are an important element of our services that can be targeted to prevention and reduction in spine injury incidents within problem areas of your business.
Will HealthPointe do Independent Medical Examinations (IME) for clients?

Our staff of Physiatrists are well experienced in the requirements of IMEs and routinely provide this service on a timely basis for the legal and insurance industry.

How can I get more information on your services?

If you require further information don't hesitate to contact us using any of the methods provided on our Contact page