Who We Are

About Us Who We Are

educate. rehabilitate. treat.

HealthPointe Medical Centres is an interdisciplinary pain institute providing assessment and rehabilitation services to clients with complex neck and back pain, soft-tissue musculoskeletal pain and other complex soft-tissue pain conditions. At HealthPointe we strive to educate, rehabilitate and treat clients suffering from ongoing or recurrent pain, and help them deal with the resultant psychosocial issues that affect physical, mental and/or vocational function capac?ity.

HealthPointe was established in 2007 in response to the urgent need to provide a more responsive healthcare model for the large number of individuals who are suffering from debilitating pain and are subjected to long wait-lists for a specialist referral. With our on-site interdisciplinary team of specialists and advanced diagnostic and treatment capability we are able to accurately diagnose and treat clients, expediting their return to a more comfortable lifestyle in a significantly shorter period of time.

Our medical team designs customized treatment programs to meet the needs of each individual patient. Physicians and allied health professionals at HealthPointe place a strong emphasis on lifestyle changes, patient independence and the self-management of chronic pain.


Our Vision

To be the leader in collaborative physician-based care, partnering with patients, medical professionals and the community to enhance health and wellness through Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Our Mission

We provide medical and rehabilitation services empowering our patients and the medical community through:

  • Innovative Medicine: Applying research-based diagnostic tools and innovative treatment
  • Collaboration: Working with our team of physicians and health care professionals to provide the best level of care
  • Partnership: Partnering with our patients to provide customized management plans that consider all aspects of the patient including physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs.
  • Education: Educating our patients, students, staff and the medical community


Our Values

  • Excellence: We deliver the highest level of expert care.
  • Progress: We continually enhance our skills and services.
  • Respect: We promote mutual respect between our team and patients
  • Support: We foster a positive, family-spirited working environment